Including the author's name on an article is an important mechanism to give credit to those who have contributed significantly to the work. It also ensures transparency for those responsible for the integrity of the content. The Journal of Laboratory Technology adheres to the authorship guidelines established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Authors listed in an article must fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • Made significant contributions to the reported work, either in conception, research design, execution, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, or in all of these areas.
  • Have drafted or written, substantially revised or critically reviewed the article.
  • Have approved the journal to which the article will be submitted.
  • Review and approve all versions of the article prior to submission, during revision, the final version accepted for publication, and any significant changes introduced at the proofing stage.
  • Agree to be responsible and accountable for the content of the article and share responsibility for resolving any questions raised about the accuracy or integrity of the published work.

All persons who have made a substantial contribution to the work but do not fulfil the authorship criteria should be listed in the Acknowledgements section (technical assistance, writing assistance, language translation services, general support, financial and material support). All persons mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of the manuscript must give permission to be named. A statement for such permission is included in the manuscript submission process. For more information on who is eligible to be listed as an author, please access the following website.

The Journal of Laboratory Technology promotes novelties in the field of scientific integrity. Therefore, the Journal adopts a system where each author is identified by his or her unique identification number, ORCID. ORCID ensures transparency in authorship and personal identification. This number is easily obtained and freely available at It is recommended for each author provide his ORCID number.