Volume 8 Number 2 (2019)


Potential of Lactobacillus casei galur shirota as the construction of formation of biofilm Salmonella spp. In vitro

(Annisa Rizka Fauziah, Meiskha Bahar, Aprilla Ayu Wulandari)


The potency of bay leaves extract (Syzygium polyanthum) as anti-inflammation in the rat (Rattus norvegicus)induced with complete freund’s adjuvant (CFA)

(Dwi Candra Buana, I Ketut Sudiana, Jusak Nugraha)


The potency of green grass jelly extract(Premna oblongifolia merr) as antihyperlipidemic towards aorta histopathology representation  of rat (Rattus norvegicus) induced with high fatty diet (HFD)

(Eka Nora Vitaloka Aprilia P.W , Anna Roosdiana , Dyah Ayu Oktaviani A.Pratama)


Determination of nicotine levels in cigarette and white cigarette that is for sale in the market

(Khoirul Ngibad)


Comparison of the number of platelet, leukocytes and chymase level in dengue virus infection

with or without positive non-structural 1(NS 1) at Pacitan hospital at east java

(Menik Kasiyati, Jusak Nugraha, Hartono Kahar)


Variation of beef protein profiles wrapped in papaya leaves with electrophoresis SDS-page

(Tri Ade Saputro)


Effect of electromagnetic field on whole blood, biochemical and hormone level in human

(Mehmet Cihan YAVAĹž, Veysi AKPOLAT, Ă–zkan GĂ–RGĂśLĂś, Ä°brahim KAPLAN)


Effect of storage time at temperature 2-8 oC on glycated haemoglobin (HBA1c) levels

(Dwi Setiyo Prihandono, Fike Waluyo)


Induration description and expression of CD163 as a marker activation of macrophages m2 on Rattus rats that injection with purified protein derivate (PPD)

(Veni Ayu Lestari, Jusak Nugraha)


The potential use of macroalgae and its symbiont bacteria isolated from Tanjung Tiram as a source of amylase enzyme

(Herdiani N. Kusumawati, Wulan Purnamasari, Putri Alief Siswanto)


Use of anti-hypertension and factors that affect the compliance of drinking anti-hypertension in hypertension patients in Cisalak Pasar Depok Health Center

(Hany Yusmaini, Sri Wahyuningsih, Meiskha Bahar)