Posted on 2020-02-08

Miss Kanugala Sirisha (1990 born) in Andhra Pradesh, India, has done her Masters in Animal Biotechnology with a prestigious Institutional fellowship from ICAR (National Dairy Research Institute, 2010-2012). She has gained experience in animal embryology, cell culture, cryopreservation, in vitro fertilization and microscopy. Later she has joined as a project intern at NCBS, Bangalore where she worked on neuronal stem cell culture, basic molecular biology techniques and western blotting. Further, she has joined as a Ph.D. scholar at CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad and gained experience in microbiology, fermentation, statistical optimization, antibiotic purification from bacteria, structural characterization of biomolecules, antimicrobial activities, antibiofilm assays, anti quorum sensing assays, greenhouse studies, antioxidant and ROS assays, preparative-TLC and molecular docking studies. As an extension to her work, she has gained experience in silica nanoparticle synthesis, characterization and application of small molecule conjugated silica nanoparticles as Candida-Staphylococcus inhibiting antibiofilm coatings on urethral catheters. She has 17 publications and a book chapter. She has received FEMS-International Travel Grant (2017, November, miCROPe).

Miss Kanugala will be handling articles from the Asia-Pacific Region to increased the quality and dissemination of Jurnal Teknologi Laboratorium (Journal of Laboratory Technology).